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Mission Statement: This blog is dedicated to both political philosophy and application to current issues based on the ideas of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. Additionally, this blog strives to create an atmosphere where intelligent discussions based on the principles of logic, no matter the viewpoints expressed in their conclusions, are not only welcome, but also thrive.

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24 JAN:

Economist: Red Tape Rising

Economist: Improving Teachers: Lessons Learned

Fox News: Abortion Debate Returns

CNN: Obama's Speech will Expose Partisan Divide on Spending

C-SPAN: Hearing Probes Afghan Construction Projects

31 JAN

Economist - The Battle of Cairo is Over, or is It?

CNN - TSA Shuts Door on Private Airport Screening Program

Fox News - Boehner: U.S. Will not Default on Debt, but Congress will Slash Spending

Washington Times - Out Educate: School and State of the Union

AP - Daley Asks GOP to Detail its Proposed Budget Cuts

13 FEB

Hoover Institution, Stanford University - The Unconstitutional Congress

CNN - Painful Cuts in $3.7 trillion Budget

NY Times - A Tunisian-Egyptian Link that Shook Arab History
BBC - Scottish Low-Level Offenders will do Manual Labor

21 FEB

Economist - Federal Budget

Economist - Organized Labour [sic]

BBC - Anonymous targets Westboro Baptist

CNN - Why Arab Spring could be al Qaeda's Fall

13 MAR

Economist - What Arab Papers say about Libya

Economist - Talk about Unions in Politics

Guardian - US Tightens Military Grip on Gaddafi

Christian Science Monitor - Health Care Reform: How Big is Obama's Concession?

Bloomberg- Walker Gives Ultimatum to Wisconsin Democrats Stalling Vote

20 MAR

Guardian - Saudi Arabian Forces Prepare to Enter Bahrain

Business Week - Calif. Pension Fund May Reduce Investment Target

Financial Times - Investors Praise Policymakers' Rescue Deal

USA Today - Wisconsin Union Fight not Over

27 MAR

CNN Money - Jobless Lose Benefits

Economist - Who is in Charge in Libya?

Gather.com - Wisconsin's Union-busting Law Moves to the State Supreme Court

NY Times - Cuomo Strikes Tentative Deal on N.Y. Budget with Big Cuts

The Wall Street Journal - Syria Struggles as Unrest Rises

03 APR

Wall Street Journal - GOP Aim: Cut $4 Trillion

Miami Herald - Gay Sailor Faces Discharge Despite 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

Boston.com - Romney Campaign Shuns the Limelight

Fox News - Donald Trump Sits down with Bill O'Reilly

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Is the U.S.-Mexico Border Secure Enough

10 APR

Economist - Europe's Debt Crisis

Economist - Mr. Ryan Makes his Mark

CNN Money - Who Gets Paid in a Shutdown?

The Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Tells U.S. to Halt Drones

LA Times - Obama to Draw Sharp Contrast with GOP over Deficit

22 MAY

Post discussing Cuba, the President and Boeing, and California Politics