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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Issues 5: Egypt

            In my discussion of the situation in Tunisia, I made the point that American interests and assistance will be less effective than otherwise possible due to our reputation for foreign intervention.  In making the same point now but in reference to a new situation, I am simultaneously trying to drive home the point and showcase the validity of a prediction through current events.  In another Economist article covering Egypt, The Battle of Cairo is Over, or is It?, the online journal discusses possible coming change.  The real telling part is below, in the comments.  The mistrust of America and American intentions are evident.  Even if our previous intervention and aid would have been the right thing to do, which I contend it was not, it is certainly coming back in an unexpected and unwanted way.


gtg723y said...

"American interests and assistance will be less effective than otherwise possible due to our reputation for foreign intervention." That is very true, I am concerned that our meddling will come back to bite us. The real reason America is so hated around the world is not due to jealousy, it is due to our propensity to be nosy and meddlesome in issues which are none of our business. The founders understood that well, watching the monarchy of Europe and the way they used to behave. I just wish our foreign policy were as hands off as the founders intended it to, broker trade agreements act as diplomat when asked.

Live Free said...

gtg723y - Thank you for your comment! This blog is intended to get people talking, so your comment is both welcome and appreciated. Feel free to leave some more, especially if you disagree with something.