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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

YGBSM 1: McDonald's in San Francisco

          I today I was inspired to start a new category of post that I believe will help further the cause of Liberty. The category is YGBSM, and is dedicated completely to governmental actions that make you think “do they even HAVE a thought process?”. I haven’t documented a lot of instances that I want to use, but from the history of times that I have done a /facepalm, I have no doubt that I will be able to keep this going. If you have an example that you would like me to use, just send it to me on Facebook.

          The first YGBSM post that I would like to present is not national, but rather city politics that really opens a window into how people think who “have humanity’s best interest at heart.” If you do not like the show or organization that is presenting it, I would ask that you still give the video a chance—it really is very good.


Anonymous said...

Well, these tiny cuts are a step in the right direction. I personally don't think either party is serious about cutting spending though. Democrats want to keep the binge going and Republicans don't want to touch defense.

Anonymous said...

My apologies. The above comment was meant to go under the entry about the potential government shutdown.

Live Free said...

I agree with you on all statements. Maybe the only way to really make it stop would be regulations or laws dictating how to balance and create a budget. I wrote a piece earlier about laws to keep the budget balanced, no matter how they go about it. I think I will do one shortly about how to do a better budget in the first place.